A Year Without Food

Awareness Life 1 min read, November 18, 2018

We have just published a book about Breatharianism called, "A Year Without Food", by Ray Maor. What better way to explore a subject than to be the editor and publisher. We read this book over one hundred times, correcting, moving paragraphs, changing layout, modifying front and back matter until we felt we know the subject matter inside out. Yet, we are as intrigued by it now as when we first read it!

In this compelling book, Ray Maor explores breatharianism, its challenges, rewards, and how it completely transformed his life and the lives of many of his students. He shares his experiences and his research on the energy of prana and the multiple benefits of becoming a breatharian.

After years of spiritual development and in search of higher knowledge, Ray took the ultimate breatharian initiation challenge of eliminating food and living on prana. Then he volunteered to be tested in a televised medical experiment where he went 8 days without food or water, during which his blood composition remained stable, proving with scientific testing and research the viability of the breatharian lifestyle. His increasingly popular Pranic Living Group Initiation retreats are grounded in practical techniques and methods for safely living on light and demonstrating that indeed, our bodies and our spirits have capabilities extending far beyond our current understanding.

"I've always been clear that food is in the way of my divine connection. For me it was all mental. It's by far the most rapid, intense and profound path to freedom." Ana Rosen

"For me the Pranic Living Group Initiation was an incredible experience. I don't feel hungry or thirsty at all. I just feel completely nourished and full of energy." Cheryl

"It's amazing to see what the body can really do. In the end it's not about food; it's about freedom in every way." Alana

It's a transformative read and we highly recommend it. Get your copy here.

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