#13 Anything that alters brain chemistry...

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Anything that alters brain chemistry... is the 13th of 4,000 profound statements from the Akashic Records by Aingeal Rose. The statements come from a series of Akashic Records sessions held in Ireland and the USA over several years, starting in 2013. The transcripts from these sessions became the 100-book Answers From The Akashic Records series (https://links.ahonu.com/aftar).

Anything that alters brain chemistry... Answers From The Akashic Records with Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

The 12th statement says,

“Anything that alters brain chemistry unnaturally ultimately results in brain fog.”

Neurochemistry is the study of chemicals, including neurotransmitters and other molecules such as psychopharmaceuticals and neuropeptides, that control and influence the physiology of the nervous system. Wikipedia

A chemical imbalance in the brain is said to occur when there's either too much or too little of certain chemicals, called neurotransmitters, in the brain chemistry. Neurotransmitters are natural chemicals that help facilitate communication between your nerve cells. Examples include norepinephrine and serotonin.

Brain chemistry in the Akashic Records with Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

Q: What is the soul consequence for Indigo adults and teens using medical marijuana?

A: Very good question. Source is saying to us that we need to realize that Marijuana for all people, not just for Indigos and Indigo teens, but marijuana itself, or indeed anything that alters brain chemistry unnaturally, ultimately results in a type of a brain fog. It is a way of changing the chemicals, or more correctly, distorting the chemicals in the brain. And even though marijuana is a painkiller, it still has the effect of bringing something unnatural into the brain.  Source wants to talk a bit more about this in general. It is not just medical marijuana, it is anything really that alters brain chemistry. The reason why Source is saying it wants to discuss this is because we have the potential in our own brains to produce any chemical that we need.

We have natural opiates in our brain. We have natural painkillers and the human body and the brain is really designed for perfection. It is designed to be awakened and stimulated in a way where your particular body is your God Self.

It is the Self that can result in miracles and unlimited expressions of love. This is the reason why Source is really cautious about anybody who uses any type of drug that alters brain chemicals, because the brain itself is an incredible relay station between spirit and the body. It will produce all sorts of chemicals with intention. So when you ask me what is the effect of teens and adults using medical marijuana, Source is telling me that it ultimately results in a type of brain fog, a type of residue. It is a type of residue that's left that slowly dulls the mind in its capacity to think clearly, to envision, and to be alive fully and in its height. This is true of any type of drug you use over long period of time.

Source really wants to drive home the fact that our own natural system, our biological system as it was created, is really designed to produce and alter all types of situations for our health and benefit.

The brain can produce unlimited amounts of chemicals, it can alter any condition if we really knew how to use it. We are able to tap into our own inner pharmacy. In that way it's not something that you are using to artificially stimulate the body’s biological functions, you're using your own inner God Self to do so. That's the answer that I’m being given.

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