You Brought Me Home

Awareness 1 min read , June 20, 2022

“You Brought Me Home” is an experience Ahonu had on the mountain that brought forgiveness to his father and his ancestral line.

You Brought Me Home

I did a meditation in a beautiful spot beside this rock, and I sensed that it was talking to me. I know anybody listening or watching might think this guy is crazy, but it is something we do. We visit sacred sites all over the world and we gather information from them — knowledge of the earth, the history of mankind and all of that kind of thing. So, it's not uncommon for these places to talk to us when we listen, and this time it was very fatherly and felt like home.

By this rock, I had like a vision of my father who died when I was 17 years old. He came to me drunk, and I took his arm to bring him home. He said to me,

“A lot of us were lost, and by you doing what you're doing in the world, you brought me home.”

The message I got from that was, we think we're alone in life. We may feel isolated and depressed and sad, but in fact, the spiritual work we do in helping ourselves, in helping ourselves grow, in helping ourselves become clear, becoming a channel of love and goodness and operating from the heart — we're not only helping ourselves, we're helping those in our own immediate family at home and those in our neighborhood. We're also helping our ancestral family all the way back in time. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi proved this effect spreads outwards into our communities, into our cities, our countries and around the world.

So, the work you're doing in staying the course, staying close to your heart, operating from the heart and from that place of love, knowing you're loved, honored and protected and safe within the arms of divine grace — you're helping everybody. You are bringing lost souls home!

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Aingeal Rose & Ahonu talk about bringing lost souls home.
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