Children and Muddy Puddles

Awareness Life 1 min read , January 29, 2022

Aingeal Rose and I are in San Diego, California, for our granddaughter's fourth birthday. The fourth birthday is very important for her. I joked with her, saying I thought she was three and a half, and she said, “No, I'm four!” She was absolutely insistent on being four, not three and a half! I thought about why that was so important for the children.

Children and Muddy Puddles Aingeal Rose & Ahonu World of Empowerment

I remember myself way back at those far distant times, and my own children, thinking how important it was to be older when you're that age. I noticed also that in the lead up to it, our grandchild was talking about three more sleeps, two more sleeps - everything was being measured in days, hours, minutes, minutes and moments.

Whereas, everything we do as adults, it's months, years, and then it can be decades and sometimes even centuries. It got me thinking about the many quotations about how children perceive time and how we perceive ourselves as we grow up. One of them, of course, was Ferguson who said,

"The measure of a man's age is when he walks around a puddle instead of walking through it."
Children and Muddy Puddles Aingeal Rose & Ahonu World of Empowerment

It's true. As we grow up, we lose the children in us. And today, at this four year old birthday party, I want to feel that child inside and I want to jump in to puddles. But unfortunately, here in Southern California, it's dry, hot, and there are no puddles. But however, we can create them in our minds.

Children and Muddy Puddles Aingeal Rose & Ahonu World of Empowerment

And that's our intention, to be as children. The Bible talks about "be as little children", why? Because children live in the moment, and that’s the message from Southern California today - let's be as little children, let's jump into puddles. Have a great day!

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