#1 A cloned being...

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A cloned being... is the first of 4,000 profound statements from the Akashic Records by Aingeal Rose. The statements come from a series of Akashic Records sessions held in Ireland and the USA over several years, starting in 2013. The transcripts from these sessions became the 100-book Answers From The Akashic Records series (https://links.ahonu.com/aftar).

A cloned being... Answers From The Akashic Records with Aingeal Rose & Ahonu https://links.ahonu.com/aftar

This first statement says,

“A cloned being does not carry the same spirit energy as the original being.”

Q: The media has a report of cloned meat from a cow's muscle. They grew the cell and then ate the meat stating that it was good. Is this a possible future food source for us?

AR: What Source is saying is it don't perceive a cloned cow as carrying the same kind of life force energy as a normal cow would and it's precisely because the spirit element and the soul element is not present. In other words, you can create flesh is what they're learning to do. They're learning how flesh is cloned. It's not going to have nearly the nutritional value that a regular cow would have, unfortunately. Hopefully, we will evolve out of eating animals all together in the future. When we're more light based, we won't want them, but what I'm looking at is a piece of meat that looks dead in comparison when I look at it energetically.

Yes, it could be a possible food source but it's not going to carry the same life force energy. Source is using life force energy because it is implying that one of the things we get from eating meat and other sources is that we do take in their life force energy. That's part of what allows those mineral and chemicals and all that to change form and structure inside of us. You need that life force energy to do that. The spirit energy does seem to cause a lot of the chemical changes. When an animal is cloned and you eat it, it doesn't carry the same degree of spirit energy.

That's very different than when your organ of yours is cloned. Let's say they learned to clone your liver and they put that inside you. That's very different because that is incorporating itself within your own biology which is a huge living system and you will receive the spirit energy that you carried. I just want to make that distinction.

Other mentions of cloned organs from these Akashic Records sessions:

  • A cloned life form does not contain the original spirit/soul energy in enough quantity. ~ 14th July 2013.
  • Cloned life forms are not made through their own soul choice. ~ 14th July 2013.
  • Source is asking us to send love to cloned life forms so they can have enough spiritual energy to become an independent being. ~ 14th July 2013.
  • Cloned organs are good for the originator, but not necessarily for others. ~ 14th July 2013.

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