Ribbons of Color (Part 2 of 2)

Awareness Life 3 min read , July 16, 2021
Ribbons of Color by Aingeal Rose. This is Part 2 of 2

In part one of Ribbons Of Color, we found that sometimes we can find gems of wisdom in that place between sleep and wakefulness. In Ribbons Of Color Part Two, I continue sharing my thoughts as I emerge from that place of deep inner wisdom within myself.

Last night, I was listening to the Lord’s Prayer sung in Aramaic. It’s a beautiful rendition, one I play repeatedly because I find the more I listen to it, the more I get moved into a state of great love. As I listened to this music, I stopped complaining. I realized everyone I knew and loved was innocent.

It was the opposite of ribbons of color (Part 1 was in relationship to sorrow). This time it showed me ribbons of color in relation to the absolute delight of life. I saw a series of memories and happenings that go on in daily life. Normally, these events annoyed me because I looked at life with closed eyes. This time, I saw the dance of light and color at every moment.

In one incident, my granddaughter was climbing up a bunk bed for the very first time. I saw her delight in it. I saw her as a beautiful stream of energy that danced with delight in the moment - that was a ribbon of color. My second 10 month grandchild had moved to the bottom of the ladder on the bunk bed. She was looking up at it, trying to figure out how to make it up there. That whole movement was one beautiful ribbon of color.

Ribbons of Color by Aingeal Rose
Ribbons of Color - listen to it here: https://podcast.worldofempowerment.com/e/369-ribbons-of-color/

I wondered why I had spontaneous recall of events like this in my life. Each memory would play itself out in my mind, and I’d ask myself, why am I remembering all these things? I realized I was being shown that everything, including memories, are ribbons of color. I was witnessing a time-stream of events, only now, instead of looking at it with judgment, I was seeing it as beauty, the beauty of life.

There are many religious beliefs and teachings about the non-importance of the physical world, the non-importance of our bodies, that we’re really spirits and not physical at all. This denies the importance of physical life. But I saw one movement of beauty, whether spiritual or physical. Behind everything is this wonderful movement of light and color and sound, and that every moment in every event makes up the tapestry of beauty and light in life. It put me in a state of awe about life itself and each of its precious moments. It’s all a dance of ribbons of color. Everything is beautiful and sacred, no matter how it’s appearing. Everything is a dance of life, in motion.

Instead of going deeply into sorrow, like I did in the Part 1 of Ribbons Of Color, I went deep into the bliss and the beauty of color and sound and light of life itself. I was watching the dance of it, the movement of it. It was like watching clear crystal energy in motion; dancing and moving in different colors and sparkles and sound tones. Moving from moment to moment in a deep state of bliss. So, my feeling was, life is full of beauty, life is for enjoyment, life is for being. And there’s nothing wrong with it, anywhere. It absolved all my guilt, realizing it’s all one beautiful dance of color, light and sound.

Ribbons of Color by Aingeal Rose
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