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God 5 min read , January 16, 2021

This is the second of our episodes down-stepping from Source the help we need to navigate these times and to get through what we're going through. This one is about destiny and opportunity. We hope you found the first one helpful, which was all about visualizing blue light, filling your aura, filling your body, and then blanketing the whole world.

Your destiny is your opportunity - Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

We've been doing that consistently for the last few days and we've been noticing some very interesting developments, some noticeable peace, and some interesting insights. Today, we've got more developments on that for you - Aingeal Rose has down-stepped the next steps for us outlining how our destiny is our opportunity.

Aingeal Rose: Source had asked us to come back on day four after we visualized the blue light for three days, morning and night. Today is day four. Source is talking to us about Heaven, that Heaven was here right now in this world. It was a state of being that we all hold within us and it can be accessed no matter what is going on in the outer world. What's going on in the outer world is below what Heaven is. And so, It went on to give us an exercise about destiny, but first It told us to make a list of everything we love.

That was Part One. Part Two was, begin asking to see the love in every situation. And what it meant was, if you asked to see the loving thing that's going on in every situation, no matter how it looks in the outer world, you'll get a very different picture of reality. So, we sat here and we did make a list of the things that we loved.

I was looking at the trees outside and I asked to see the love in them. A feeling of euphoria grew in me. It was a euphoria about the life force that's in the trees, that life itself was euphoric. I got to feel it.

Trees helped feel our destiny - Aingeal Rose & Ahonu
Photographer: Matt Artz | Source: Unsplash

Then I asked to see the love in the recent political situation in our country. What I saw was that it was Donald Trump's time to leave the White House and it wasn't because of anything negative. It wasn't because of him not being a good president, it wasn't because of any kind of punishment. It was because it was his destiny. It was his destiny to be in it while he was in it and when the time comes, it will be his destiny to leave it. Then it flipped to Joe Biden and it showed that he too had a destiny to be in the White House, that it was something owed him from the past.

White House and green trees reveal a destiny - Aingeal Rose & Ahonu
Photographer: Srikanta H. U | Source: Unsplash

That itself brought peace and a different understanding because there was no judgment in either thing. It was all about destiny. Source went on to say that we have to remember that souls have destinies. Every soul, every one of us has a destiny. And those destinies are designed as opportunities for fulfillment.

And what you do with them is what you do with them. But It said that's what's really going on in the world - everybody is in their own destinies. There's an order to this and there's a higher law to this. So, we need to get out of our opinions and judgments about what we think is going on in the world.

When Source asked us to see the love in every situation (and It means every situation, no matter how it looks) it's because it'll show you the higher thing that's really going on. And that thing is never about judgment, not about punishment, not about blaming or who's right and who's wrong, it's about destinies and you'll get a great understanding if you do what it says.

This is our next lesson. Write down the things you love. Part Two is, make it your intention to see the love in everything. Source made it really clear that if you don't ask to see the love in every situation, then you have a different motive for your reality.

Ahonu: Normally we would take a lot of notes and I've been writing notes on a napkin, but we would take (what we call) profound statements out of these notes, but there's only one from this today, and that is...

“Destiny is our opportunity for fulfillment.”

To recap, make a list of everything that you love. And the second piece of information was, everything we experience are destinies in our lives. You could go back to any situation that you've gone through in your life that you may interpret as negative, (or positive for that matter) and you can ask what was the love in that situation? And you'll be shown the love that's underneath the surface in that situation or the destiny that was in it.

See the love in everything - Aingeal Rose & Ahonu
Photographer: Timo Stern | Source: Unsplash

Just remember, destiny is never about fulfilling any kind of negative karma. It's never about punishment or judgment. It's always that there's love there. There's reasons why you would go through something for some greater understanding or some fulfillment, and you'll be shown that, if your intention is to ask what the love is in a situation. Remember, no matter how it looks on the outside, every soul is manifesting its own destiny.

We will be reconnecting with you again in the very near future to progress this discussion and this down-stepping on learning how to be in this world. Please leave us your comments or your questions and we'll be here for you. It is our destiny. Until then. Thanks and bye,

Your destiny is your opportunity - Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

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