#32 Electromagnetism causing headaches?

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Electromagnetism is the topic of the 32nd of 4,000 profound statements from the Akashic Records by Aingeal Rose. The statements come from a series of Akashic Records sessions held in Ireland and the USA over several years, starting in 2013. The transcripts from these sessions became the 100-book Answers From The Akashic Records series (https://links.ahonu.com/aftar).

Electromagnetism - Answers From The Akashic Records with Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

The 32nd statement says,

“You may experience headaches or blurry vision as the EM grid continues to shift.”

Sample Questions & Answers From The Akashic Records about Electromagnetism with Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

Q: Is the increase in depression any way connected with the people feeling the pressure to complete their spiritual contracts?

AR: There is a lot factors to that. I think part of the increasing depression is what's happening chemically inside of a person's body because of the increase in cosmic radiation that's coming here, because of changes in electromagnetism, because of environmental pollutants. The body is trying to adjust to all of these changes that we're dealing with. We're going to go under the heading of purification again. All these things that are coming in from the cosmos anyway do have the potential to purify us in terms of it will bring up a lot of old frequencies and they could manifest as sicknesses and being depressed because what's being asked for is that we die to a lot of old things and all this stuff that we're to die to is now coming up to the surface and it can manifest as being depressed because you're not in the new level yet. It's still turning. There is a toxicity level to it. If you store enough a lot of toxin in your body or let's use as an example that people go through a normal cleanse periodically. They can find that a few days of that cleanse where they're feeling low and depressed until that all gets eliminated and gets out of the body and then they start to feel better. Same principle going on.

Certainly when people start feeling low, those negative entities just love to rush in and complicate things at that point, but that's secondary. That's not the first cause. The other thing too is our immune systems are being taxed right now and that is again the radiation, electromagnetism, the changes in the climate that is going on. There are lots of shifts happening globally that are stirring things up too. You got a few things to deal with. That's why we always encourage you to take lots of vitamins to keep that immune system up.

With the depression, I haven't mention journaling in a few weeks so I'm so proud of me, but you can write. We make it a practice in the morning after we do our meditation, we just grab a notebook right away and we start writing. You don't even have to think about what you're going to put down. You just let whatever comes come because that starts to move energy and a lot of depression is energy that is stuck for some reason so do take that on board.

Q: Are others having symptoms like headaches, vision problems, hearing and fatigue from electromagnetism?

AR: Yes I’ve experienced that myself so let me ask Source about it. Part of what we’re experiencing is the electromagnetic grid shifting. So what’s happening with the sun of course is that, as more solar flares come off the sun and with greater intensity, it does affect our electromagnetic grid. In fact there are lots of things that are affecting our electromagnetic grid now. There’s also stuff coming from within the earth, coming from the earth core itself. This is heating up the surface of the earth from underneath the ground and causing more shifts of the field.

So what you’re really experiencing when you are having headaches or when your vision gets blurry and you can’t see very well, is a shift in the electromagnetic field. When you’re born and you first started walking and your feet were planted on the earth, you become part of the electromagnetic grid. In fact the lower portion of your Merkaba field around your body is magnetic. It is connected to the magnetic field. As that shifts and changes, it will cause a change in your own physiology, in your own structure. This is part of the reason. The other part of the reason is that there are a lot more chemicals in the air, there’s more electromagnetism, there are a lot more environmental pollutants in the air that are floating around the place. We’re all feeling the effects of those.

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