The Emerald Word

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Poetry of the Divine by Elizabeth Alberda

The Emerald Word is out now in all good bookstores and online!

The Emerald Word is a book of sacred poetry. It states that nature is the closest reflection that we can have of the heavenly realms. Nature speaks to us if we can see and hear and allow it. It is difficult to embrace miracles, but they are here every day in nature.

Nature is the greatest healing force. We see and hear the beating heart of the earth, the animals and the whales and dolphins who bring the song of love to our planet. The whales are the carriers of emerald green light, singing the oceans' love songs.

All this is contained within the pages of this elegant book of poetry, The Emerald Word by Elizabeth Alberda.

The Emerald Word: Poetry of the Divine
The Emerald Word: Poetry of the Divine by Elizabeth Alberda

The Emerald Word: Poetry of the Divine is available in Paperback, Hardcover & eBook on Amazon and where good books are sold!

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Reading Elizabeth Alberda's poetry is a way to drink light and feel dazzled, as well as feel exquisitely nourished, having imbibed an elixir of words that make a feast for the soul. Some part of that feast is sublimely playful, some heartbreaking, but all proof she has embodied the life story of this holy Earth, as her most cherished beloved One.

Alberda is a poet of the world behind the world, and the world within the world. She calls her collection, The Emerald Word, and includes poems about the Emerald World, and the Queen of that World, thus creating a dance between matter and words, green stone and the magic etched from that stone, together forming a paean of praise.

Welcome to the work of someone who does language like no other: Elizabeth C. Alberda. Peggy Rubin, Verified ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5.0 out of 5 stars
The Emerald Word: Poetry of the Divine by Elizabeth Alberda

About The Author of The Emerald Word

Elizabeth Alberda was born in Marblehead in 1944, from a mother born in Salem, Massachusetts. She was baptized by water from the River Jordan, carried home by her uncle who served in WWII. All five kids lived on Washington Street ten minutes from the wharf!

She says, "My first dream: 3 years old dressed in a silk slip, dancing under the stars in the middle of Washington Street until a judge in a long black robe ran after me. Right after attending the Old North Church, we would climb the hill in our clickety-clack patent leather shoes where my great-grandmother lived on Pearl Street. It was Easter. Before entering, I stepped over her little boulder beach stones squatting before the yellow crocus, small enough in ego to listen to a flower."

After college, she taught at a Folk High School in Skive, Denmark. The next journey was graduating from Syracuse University with a M.A. At Delta Community College, she taught American Indian Literature and Mysticism. The wonderment in nature laid down a trail toward writing poetry. Peggy Rubin, creator of Sacred Theater and Dr. Jean Houston creator of the Mystery School brought her group to Egypt. She feels deep gratitude to these teachers, the players in Sacred Theater, and her family and is the inspiration for her poetry in The Emerald Word.

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The Emerald Word: Poetry of the Divine by Elizabeth Alberda

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