#46 Entities appear powerful, but are they?

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Negative entities is the topic of the 46th of 4,000 profound statements from the Akashic Records by Aingeal Rose. The statements come from a series of Akashic Records sessions held in Ireland and the USA over several years, starting in 2013. The transcripts from these sessions became the 100-book Answers From The Akashic Records series (https://links.ahonu.com/aftar).

Entities appear powerful - Answers From The Akashic Records with Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

The 46th statement says,

“Entities appear powerful but all they are is a collection of negative thought forms.”

Article below is not necessarily about ‘negative’ entities but gives a good outline of how to deal with negativity, especially in these times.

Q: Some entities in Government seems out of control. How do we live in that reality?

A: That's a good question and again, it's the reason we're moving over to the Paradise Earth reality. I'm not trying to avoid this question. In fact, I'll try to give you a little bit more information on that from Source if I can. It comes down to what we do with our consciousness and I think what we all really need to understand is how creative our consciousness is. Our minds are so incredibly powerful that we create life force beings with our thoughts all the time. That means every good loving thought you have, some sort of an entity or entities are created from that thought. It also means that every dark and accusing and judgmental thought you have creates an entity of that type. The reason Source asked us to do a meditation to Paradise Earth was because it was saying that our own mediocrity and we have accepted evil in our lives.

We are doing it for a long time and we don’t hold ourselves the high standards of love, not even for ourselves. Because we've done this, we've created this outer reality that you're describing. We've all done it by our complacency, by our not holding ourselves to higher standards, by not going making the extra effort, by not doing little things throughout the day that make a difference in the quality of life, we all contribute to this. There is just no way around it. What Source is saying is how about instead we spend our time and energy going to higher places of love, doing a little bit extra for a person when you don't want to do something for somebody, do it anyway, be more loving and make healthier choices for yourself. Make changes that improve the quality of your life even if they're little. Don't waste your energy on looking at negative entities out there and judging it all. Don't feed it all. Instead, spend your time manifesting a higher quality of love in this world and there are lots of ways we can do it. We have discussed this in these groups before.

Little things like random acts of kindness all day long will begin the process. Saying yes to yourself for something that you needed that you denied yourself for whatever reason. They all raise the frequency of this planet and they contribute to the mass consciousness. I have seen evidence of it myself, people who live in the same house for example. If somebody is deciding to make higher choices and they never mentioned it to other people in the home, suddenly, you'll see these other people making changes in their lives and they'll think that it was their own idea. It runs downhill and these negative entities will ultimately benefit too.

The Paradise Earth meditations that we're about to do is a deliberate action. This isn't a meditation that we do because it's a nice fantasy world to go into. Paradise Earth is real. It's functioning at a frequency band right now here and what Source is asking us to do is bring that frequency online into this reality and just you say if people come from the place where they say well there's only a small group of us doing this here today, what difference can it make, but you know what, there are people doing things like this all over the planet, people who've got the same message. They may not call it Paradise Earth, they may call it Eden, they may call it something else but many people are getting the same message and they are consciously and actively choosing to bring forth this frequency into this world. That's my answer to your question in the sense of I am not denying that negative entities exist or that evil is not happening, absolutely not but I do believe knowledge is power.

It's always good to know what the negative entities are doing, but it does come down to what you choose to energize and that can be quite difficult especially when you're not feeling well or if you're feeling attacked by something. That's when you appeal into a higher presence, your own I Am self, if you're being attacked personally and you bring that forward and say, I Am self come into my consciousness now, release me from whatever has got me because the negative forces are on a heavy attack right now. There is no question about it, but just as many miracles are occurring all over the planet and that's what we have to choose to stay with.

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