Big News is coming, but first... it's Father's Day!

Creation Life 2 min read , June 20, 2021
Father's Day is here - celebrate with Aingeal Rose
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Hello Clients and Friends, big news is coming, but first, it's Father's Day and here's how an Akashic Records reading can make a superb gift for the dad's in your life. It can help you, him (or them) understand your Past Lives, your Relationships, your Life Purpose, Death & Dying, and your Kundalini. You'll see below a coupon code for a special Father's Day discount off his Akashic Records reading!

Below is how the father's in your life can benefit from an Akashic Records reading. Enjoy!

Father’s Past Lives

  1. Did you know that most of the people you meet in your life have been in your past lives?
  2. Do you know why you're meeting them again?
  3. Do you have a soul contract with some people and if so, what is it?

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Father’s Relationships

  1. Who are our parents to us, really?
  2. Are you in a love relationship?
  3. Is that person a Soul Mate, a Twin Flame, or a relationship based on past life karma?
  4. Is it harmonious or filled with conflicts?
  5. Why am I not attracting a partner?
  6. Am I meant to be alone in this life?
  7. Why aren't my relationships lasting?

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Father’s Life Purpose

Most people feel they have a purpose in their life, but many don't know what it is.

  1. Why am I here?
  2. What am I meant to do?
  3. What is my best career?
  4. Am I on the right path?

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Death & Dying

  1. Do you need to connect with father’s who have passed on?
  2. Would you like to check on your pet who has passed?
  3. What is the afterlife like for animals?

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The body is a storehouse for God within. This force is your Kundalini, and we are to bring this God within us to life. It’s in our father’s too!

  1. How are you doing in this process?
  2. What does it mean to become God Realized?

Father’s, check your Akashic Records and see your spiritual evolution. Meet the God that is Pure Love. Go to: and book a reading with Aingeal Rose. Enter AR20 at checkout for your special discount.

Big news is coming, but first, enjoy Father’s Day! We'll be in touch again shortly. Blessings & bye for now,

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