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Aingeal Rose

How To Bless Your Day With Miracles

10 min read , September 19, 2018

We still can't figure out how the human body works. If we think about all the bodily functions that go on every day, and how it heals itself from wounds, then life itself becomes a miracle. Even crystals can self-heal when they're taken out of the Earth, and we see this life-force energy doing miraculous things throughout all life in existence. So, life is a miracle.

Orchids grow out of rocks, and trees survive having their roots growing down cliff faces. Life survives and reproduces itself and knows what to do in a continuous miraculous process.

But now I want to talk about a different aspect of miracles. I want to talk about the miracles that happen when we shift our perception and how the quantum field changes itself when we do that.

There are so many belief systems that speak about the inner world and the outer world, and they claim the outer world we see with our eyes and our perception reflects our inner world. It reflects our beliefs about reality, our emotional states, and how we think about ourselves and our lives ever since we were small. 

When we look out at reality, we can see there is a collective agreement among people about our very existence. The claim is we see what we see because of our belief structures, mind constructs, attitudes and agreements we all have made. And if we were to change what we think is true about reality, we would see things express themselves differently in our external world.

The laws of physics shows it in how nature behaves, and in how our bodies work. I believe it's all a mass consciousness agreement. It seems we've all agreed on this dimensional reality because of what we want to achieve while we're here. Each one of us knows our own soul agenda when we come into an incarnation. We have things we want to do. We have meetings with particular people that are pre-arranged before we come here. We create our destinies from what we want to experience.

Could we have set up this paradigm to experience the physical plane? Are our abilities to see, feel, taste, smell, and sense, just to overcome physical challenges, to push ourselves further? Is this dimension, with all its perceived opportunities and limitations, an opportunity to experience life, to achieve things, to discover, to create? Is it all an incredible playing field of consciousness?

Miracles happen when you shift an existing paradigm, and that paradigm can be in your own consciousness. It can be that you decide you will not go the way the system goes, that you will change your reality and your consciousness with your imagination.

Let me be clear - imagination is real. The ability to imagine is our creative energy within us because the subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between something that's imagined and something that is played out in the physical dimension. It views it all as pictures with an emotion that is perceived as real, and it materializes from thoughts made with passion. That's the miraculous energy that is life.

The "Course In Miracles" is one book that deals with perception. It calls perception anything we see and believe is true. We look out at reality, we have an experience, and we react to that experience and draw conclusions from it. Those conclusions become a pattern in our subconscious which quickly becomes a program. The subconscious mind takes it, files it and says, OK, A = B, and so now we have the perception of an event. And any time something similar to that event gets repeated, we automatically have the same conclusion about it.

When you look at the associations you have made about things, you become aware of them. You remember, and realize, oh, I have this opinion or conclusion about X, Y, Z.

But what happens if you change that around and say, no, that's not true for me anymore, and you replace it with a new thought. You've just shifted a paradigm of perception within yourself. You've given a different direction to the subconscious. You've changed the quantum field around yourself where it no longer functions at a particular perceptual frequency, but now it's changed to something else.

Why is that important? It's important, because like attracts like. The things you like in your life, the things pleasing to you, you wouldn't have any interest in changing. But the things that are not the way you'd like them to be, the patterns or struggles you have in your life can all be altered if you look into the program that's running in the background that attracts it to you. The fact we can shift our perception and decide to not believe certain things anymore, and that it can alter the shape of our reality is what I call a miraculous process.

There is the plasma field around us that responds to whatever we think and believe is true. It will assemble new experiences and disassemble old ones you no longer believe in, or energize. But you have to look deeply into your own subconscious mind to find out what you think and believe. This is the deeper level that people rarely go to. They rarely inquire about their thoughts and beliefs. They don't take the time to do it, and because of that, allow life to run them rather than live fully witnessing miracles in their everyday lives.

The ability to shift a perception in your subconscious and rewrite the script, giving it a new direction to say what you want to experience is a miracle. The fact you can imagine in your consciousness a scenario that is the way you'd like it to be, and find this plasma field around you will respond and shape the form of your desires, that's a miraculous process. It means that at all times you are powerful and you are free!

Here's another aspect of miracles. When I first learned to read the Akashic Records, many years ago, my guides told me they would show me how to erase my records. And I remember at the time thinking, is this on the up-and-up? Is this a true guide? Why would a guide want me to erase my history?

I understood it later. It was not that I would literally erase my records. No, for several weeks, every time I went into my records, I saw a virtual video tape of lifetimes that were unreconciled. Either I had done something to someone where I needed forgiveness, or someone did something to me I hadn't let go of. And it was very detailed. It went into past lives and events in this lifetime. So, for a two to three weeks, I was in a forgiveness process. By saying I was sorry from my heart for harming someone, or forgiving them for harming me, I came to a neutral place where there were no leftover issues.

And one day I found myself in a whole different reality. It was a different plane of existence, another dimension, if you will, where there was only love. And I knew this was the place where advanced beings came from, beings we perceive as loving and free, to teleport, to shift dimensions. These were the powers we all imagined that an enlightened person would have.

I found myself in a perfect field of love, and it had nothing to do with Earth whereby anything that happened here did not affect that reality. Yet, it could intersect this reality, this Earth plane anytime it chooses, and reverse all the physical laws here, and cause any new event to happen. I was witnessing miracles because it was a perfect field of love that could not be affected by anything. 

It was all that was perfect, eternal, never ending. There was no way it could ever be destroyed. It welcomed me and there was no intention to harm. Nor was there anything this field of reality could not do. I understood this to be where we all desire to arrive inside ourselves. Some part of us remembers this place as the true reality and we try to get back there. It was a miracle I arrived at this place of pure love by the process of letting go and forgiving. 

For many, miracles are where somebody is suddenly healed of an illness. Or, an angel would appear and save somebody from a burning building. Miracles are supposed to be these unexplained events where something from somewhere comes and reverses a condition we on Earth think is unrepairable and it repairs it. We don't understand it because the mass consciousness of this world is still in a polarized view of reality because we still believe in light and dark, and good and bad, and judgment and punishment, and those belief systems are not conducive to a miraculous state of mind. But love is not affected by anything that happens here or anywhere. It is its own pure state of consciousness with a power beyond our comprehension - that is real. That is the true reality. 

Many people think love has an opposite - that love and hate are opposites of each other. But they are not.

Love has no opposite.

Love is the real reality. It is the reason that things can shift and change. It is the reason orchids grow up through rocks, why trees survive with their roots growing out of cliff faces, why burning forest five years later are lush with green growth. This field of love is life itself, indestructible and miraculous. It will continue, and it will be forever.

So, how do you get your mind to shift to that reality? Well, you have to be willing to undo limiting belief systems, any belief in guilt and sin and punishment, and wanting to harm, or wanting someone to get theirs, including forgiving the judgments we place on ourselves.

The field of love is a state of innocence, and I don't mean innocence in terms of naivety. I mean innocence in terms of pure, untainted, benevolent love where there are no thoughts and no desires of harming another, of judging another, gossiping about another, polarizing sides - none of that exists. It's a place of harmlessness where the intent is always benevolence. 

So, we could say that miracles are a purification process we all need to go through in our consciousness. And this includes undoing all religious dogmas and belief systems, whether they are from books that have particular philosophies about the way things are, or science books that say nature is a particular way.

More and more, I'm finding that all belief systems are limiting, and the process of letting go is the purification process that leads to a miraculous life.

I'm not talking about purification that involves going through sacrifice or suffering. I'm not talking about that. I think there is enough sacrifice and suffering in the distorted belief systems we have on Earth right now. It is not about what it takes to rise to a higher level, or be in God's favor. My experience of God/Source is that it asks for nothing. It only wants our good and our happiness, but how many of us can even believe that about ourselves? So, miracles are the process of life itself and how it functions and continues, through all obstacles.

The blue sky never goes away no matter how many clouds appear, or how many storms come into being. Beyond that is the peaceful blue sky. That's the same as saying life itself is constant, never changing, always there no matter what seems to be going on.

This gives us permission not to believe certain things, no matter how society might coerce us. The miracle of us is a genie in a bottle, where we can shift our perceptions, write a new script for ourselves, imagine a different reality for ourselves. And the miracle knows that life force energy will respond to it and coalesce it into an expression in our outer reality.

Miracles are the place of pure love, the dimension of God, that is nothing but pure love, powerful, unaffected by anything other than itself, with the ability to intersect any reality, any law of physics, any paradigm, and change the order. All expressions of pure love are miracles. Until next time, may your day be blessed with miracles.

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