How does one overcome fear?

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In the 1st book of Answers From The Akashic Records by Aingeal Rose & Ahonu, a participant asked, "How does one overcome fear?"

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Aingeal Rose replied: To answer this, let me give you an example. I was taking a trip to San Diego to see my daughter, and I was experiencing extreme fear of flying. It's gotten worse over the years and it makes no logical sense. I was on the airplane asking for help from Source to help me understand this fear I was having, when, like a videotape, I was being shown how I had been judging myself in the past couple months.

And the judgment went like this... I was feeling inadequate because I hadn't been able to do what I do because of a torn ligament. I was comparing my progress with that of others. I was feeling down on myself for not producing more, not getting on with things more, needing to take a lot of down time, things like that.

I was shown how I was doing this to myself and then I was shown how those around me had similar thoughts about me because they had to help me more.

They wanted me to get out of bed, wanted me to get going with things, and they looked at me as if I was making up my condition. So, there was a cycle of judgment, comparison, and projection happening. I saw that whenever that happens; the result is extreme insecurity and a fear for one’s safety. So, what's the fear of, and how does all this work?

The fear of not being safe comes from the idea that if you don’t measure up, you will be punished. If you don’t produce, if you’re not good enough, you will be judged, found guilty and punished through loss or death. It’s a vicious cycle, a psychological cycle, an ingrained belief system of a worker/slave mentality based upon the belief in sin and guilt. It's a psychological activity that goes on in the mind.

Then the Truth came… I heard Source say you don't have to earn your way to God, you do not have to measure up to anything or anybody to be loved by God, to deserve goodness all the days of your life.

There was no higher Source looking down on me, judging me or scolding me, or anything of the kind. I had to be reminded that all is well, that if I wanted to take the whole year and do nothing, that would be fine. I saw that no one had a right to judge me for what I'm doing or not doing, and I need not be doing it to myself.

As I was being reminded of the truth of God's love, the fear disappeared — it disappeared and I was filled with peace and calm. This is important to note because since then, we've been re-listening to some lessons in A Course in Miracles, and one of them was,

Love Holds No Grievances.

Perfect timing! The lesson talked about love, and that God's love does not hold grievances against us, or anything we do or don't do. Love does not do that.

It was another reminder of God’s love replacing our fears. The exercise attached to the lesson was to close your eyes and do a mental scan of anybody or anything you hold grievances against, whether they were little or big, it didn't matter. Just close your eyes and assess who you may hold grievances against, and that includes yourself. It was making the point to say every one of us holds grievances against somebody or something.

It could be very tiny things, it could be big things — it doesn’t matter, we all do it. When we do that we can never feel safe. This is so important in today's world. We're watching Earth-changes occurring, crazy politics, division and separation, alongside people coming together, new things being invented and so on. But for myself, as somebody who sees clients daily, there is this pervading fear going on with people feeling unsafe in this world.

We see that fear comes from judgment, or holding grievances, whether regarding ourselves or others or situations occurring in our personal lives, or in our world. There seems to be plenty to hold grievances about if you listen to the news or the politics of the day. Your mind will go to what you think about it, what others think about it and then there’s the behavior that follows. And so, Source makes the point that as long as we're doing that, we will never feel safe. It's a psychological process that happens.

Here's another example… Years ago, I was in a situation where my husband and I were not having my children see a particular person because that person wasn’t always the kindest when speaking about other members of our family. We decided we would not allow our children to be around this person.

This went on for about a year, and then there came a point when I needed to go somewhere for the weekend and so did my husband, and there was no one to watch the children.

Well, that person wanted to take the children for the weekend and my husband agreed to it when I wasn't home. When I found out, I was furious with him. I was furious that my husband agreed to let this person have the kids for the weekend. They also had to fly to where this person was, and they had to fly by themselves, and I went into fear about their safety. What if the plane crashes? What if they get stolen?

As I went into the kitchen, Source showed me how my judgment against that person made me feel I would lose my kids. My judgment produced guilt in my mind, and that guilt made me feel fearful that I would lose them. The losing of my kids was the psychological punishment for judging another. I saw how the mind works in that way, and I saw the process in action. It was quite a revelation!

Well, I surrendered my grievance about that person, and the children went and they had a fine time and all was well.

The process is, whenever you judge, you will feel fear. Judgment itself makes us feel we can't trust life, that we can't trust the future. The connection between holding grievances and feeling unsafe go hand-in-hand.

So, how do we feel secure in a world where things all around us seem filled with judgment and grievances of all types?

It is done from within ourselves. It's our own responsibility to monitor our own mind and the thoughts that pop up when we're in any situation. It's important because of the connection between judgment and projection and blame onto others and being unsafe and fearful.

So, when A Course in Miracles (ACIM) says, "Love holds no grievances," it is asking us to shift our minds over to that reality where all we're thinking, perceiving and feeling is an awareness that love doesn't judge. It also says we make a God in our own image. If we believe in judgment, grievances, guilt and punishment, we will create a God that is also like that. But that isn't the Truth.

The God that comes to us in the Akashic Records is a God of unconditional love — no judgment of any kind. The only thing that's offered is another opportunity to love, no matter who you are or what you've done.

Love is always what it's all about. And there's varying degrees of this too, because we're not talking about allowing an abuser in your life, for example, but you can distance yourself from somebody who's abusive, and do it without wanting that person to be punished or condemned in any way. We have to be clear here. People can get confused about that when you say, love holds no grievances. It doesn’t mean you should allow every type of person into your reality. It's talking about a psychological perception, how you view things, how you think about things, the beliefs you have.

We can bring in karma; karma being the law of cause and effect. How many times, when someone does something we perceive as evil or not good, we think, 'they'll get theirs someday'? We even wish it upon them.

As long as we’re in that frame of mind, we will feel fear and we will not feel safe. We will not trust that all we should receive is goodness. Love offers only goodness and happiness. Another lesson I love in ACIM is: "God's will for you is perfect happiness." It means that, and nothing else.

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