Prosperity In A Time Of Change

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Aingeal Rose is the author of a book called A Time of Change, which was written back in 2012, and she has revised and rewritten it, especially for this time period that we're in. While it's still very valid, there's been huge, tumultuous changes, especially in 2020, that we need to talk about, especially as it pertains to prosperity.

Prosperity In A Time Of Change
Prosperity In A Time Of Change by Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

One issue is that people have lost their jobs because of covid-19. The economy has been declining for many people, so we want to address prosperity and abundance and money. To do that, I want to read to you the introduction to a chapter in her book, A Time of Change, called The Art of Prosperity. And when I read it, I'm going to ask Aingeal Rose to comment on it, just to give you an idea of where Source is coming from when we talk about prosperity and abundance.

In this episode, we asked Source about money and prosperity. Source answers these questions at the level they're being asked, but ultimately let us know that manifesting prosperity is a game. It's like children playing until they know, understand and trust that God's will for them is perfect happiness. At this point, the difference between perceiving a lack that needs to be filled is replaced with the knowing that everything has already been received. Ultimately, we are sustained by God's love, which is within us.

Prosperity In A Time Of Change
Prosperity In A Time Of Change by Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

We all have unconscious programs about prosperity, some more convoluted than others. We've been brought up to define our self-value by money. What kind of patterns might we all have that keep our prosperity from us? And to let you know what happens in a lot of these sessions, she actually says a prayer in the beginning and that gets her into the Akashic Records of that space where she's able to download information, really. And sometimes she sees the information and other times she feels it, but in this case, while saying the prayer, she says, I saw a beam of light blue light come down and the first thing Source said to us is that true prosperity has to do with communication to and from Source. What we're all missing is the awareness of our direct communication with God. So Aingeal Rose tell us what was going on, what was happening in your mind, what were you perceiving when we asked that question?

Aingeal Rose: Well, it was what I was receiving, not perceiving. From Source's point of view, it's all about being in the flow of love. Abundance and love are the same thing, and when it talks about true prosperity as being in communication with life, it means it's the difference between when you feel like you're in the flow as opposed to when you're out of the flow.

There's times when people experience synchronicities and you're in the flow, when you feel like you're one with everything. Everything shows up for you in that synchronicity. It could be nature. It could be other people. It could be a book. It could be prosperity. But you know that something else is aware of you and yes, answering your intentions and your thoughts.

Ahonu: People can show up and things can happen and events can take place. It's almost like it's out of your control, but it’s not, it's meant to be. That's what they call "in the flow". When you're in the flow, it's like the world is working for you.

Aingeal Rose: Yeah, that's right. And Source affirms that. It says the intention of Source's mind is for prosperity and abundance to occur all the time - be in the flow be where things are working effortlessly for you. You're in your good. The only thing that can come to you is good. And for us, it's a matter of being able to accept that. It means you truly have to believe you're loved and you deserve this at all times. Truly, we literally have God energy in our very selves. We were just reading something the other night, weren't we, Ahonu that scientifically, the center of the soul is a void?

Prosperity In A Time Of Change
The same black hole that's in the universe is in the center of the cell.

Ahonu: That's right. It was a void. The same black hole that's in the universe is in the center of the cell. That's what manifests outwardly as motion. That black void is the cause of the movement of life. And that's in us. If you think of how many billions of cells we have in our body, think of all the little black holes you've got in the center of your cell, which is zero point energy.

Aingeal Rose: Yes, and most of us can't accept that we could be as sacred or as abundant or as prosperous as that out of which we are made, or that we could hold that type of power or intelligence.

Ahonu: Another thought just came to me right then. Science, fantastic and all as it is, in my understanding, has always been teaching us to be afraid of black holes. It's like one big unknown vacuum, they say. If you go into a black hole, you’re doomed, you're gone, you're sucked in. Whereas, this thinking is actually where God/Source/Creator is. It's in the void. It's in the silence. It's in the perfection. It's in the nothingness, but the everything-ness at the same time. Everything manifests out of it. That's an interesting little difference in perception because that same black hole is in every one of our selves. That's where creation, and prosperity, manifests out of.

God & Original Creation by Aingeal Rose & Ahonu
We have God within us. We're sustained by the love of God.

Aingeal Rose: So, we literally are composed of God. We have God within us. We're sustained by the love of God. It means the original intention coming from the mind of Source is for good will, happiness, prosperity for everyone and everything. This is normal. When we're not in that, it's usually because we've got some sort of programmed beliefs that we were bad or we're not worthy.

I've had occasions in my life where spiritual beings came and reminded me that I'm innocent when I didn't think I was. So, how do you get to that point where you can meditate, like some people do, and reach that point of stillness within them? I think TM (Transcendental Meditation) taught you that, Ahonu?

Ahonu: Yes, but there's other ways of doing it, too. You can journal about your beliefs.

Aingeal Rose: A pen and paper is your best friend because you could take prosperity, or any situation, and ask what this situation means to you, because you do have an interpretation about all the events in your life. They result in the ideas you create about what you think reality is, what you think your world is. So you can undo your own beliefs just by writing about them, because as you break them down, you dissolve the energy. What are you left with? You're left with a greater sense of self and communication with Source.

Or, just the connections with life itself? I mean, this chapter goes a lot further and you are encouraged to read a little bit more about it each day. In it, Source gives us some exercises on how to create prosperity in your life by being willing to believe we can reach that level of connection with all life.

Ahonu: OK. We'll leave prosperity there for the moment. We put a link to the book here:( You can also get it directly on Amazon We appreciate you reading this. Thank you again from myself, Ahonu and from Aingeal Rose.

Prosperity In A Time Of Change
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