The Secret To Happiness

Creation Awareness Life 1 min read , February 2, 2022
The Secret To Happiness

Aingeal Rose asked Ahonu to seek the secret of happiness from the mountain. He got a crisp reception and a rather surprising answer! Here's what he said...

I sat there for a few moments and asked the mountain, and the mountain said, you humans are such a crowd of dumb asses. You have the answers to everything. And yet you, Ahonu, come up here and ask me questions every morning, and so many thousands and millions of people ask the same questions about life and death, and you have all the answers within you.

Indeed, Aingeal Rose goes into the Akashic Records and in there, finds the answers to everything. The answer to the secret to happiness is I AM. It's simple. You've always known it. You feel it inside you, and yet you struggle to bring it into conscious awareness.

This growth of awareness is critical to answering all your questions, because nature has the answer to happiness. Earth has the answers. The atmosphere, the air, the water, everything around you, your own bodies have the answers.

So, I was a little taken aback by the mountain this morning, because until now, it has been very gentle, very nourishing, and very nurturing. But I have to accept the mountain is absolutely right. We have all the answers to happiness. We are the I AM and therefore we are capable of anything, and happiness is within us.

There's nothing more I can say. Have a blessed day - and be happy.

Happiness by Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

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