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Tarot Spreads for everything, including how to create your own!

Hi everybody. This is Aingeal Rose, and I’m super happy to introduce my new book, hot off the press, called Advanced Tarot Spreads. It neatly follows my first Tarot book called Tarot For Beginners. This new book is a collection of spreads that I received from Spirit and also spreads I’ve created myself over my 35 years as an active Tarot reader.

Advanced Tarot Spreads by Aingeal Rose

While beginners can use it, Advanced Tarot Spreads is ideal for people who have been readers for a while because some spreads require some knowledge of the cards, a level of intuition and deep contemplation.


I’ve given you 22 spreads, including one where I teach you how to create your own Tarot spreads. I have included intuitive exercises with color, number and symbol. There is a manifestation spread, and a prosperity spread. We’ve got a Chakra spread, a check on the week ahead spread, a spread for uniting both hemispheres of your brain, finding your optimal career, and a spread for understanding any situation in your life. You’ll find a spread for your physical health, information about your heart, another one that deals with your thoughts, emotions and feelings and how they’re affecting your life.

There’s a spread with the element Fire, Earth, Air and Water, part one and part two and an inner child spread, an Earth change spread, and another spread that’s just about money. We have a spread exploring grief, and a bonus spread about the dimensional split we’re going through right now and what’s required to move into the new paradigm. Finally, I’ve included a free DNA meditation along with information on how to contact me for more Tarot workshops and courses.

http://Days of the Week Tarot spread by Aingeal Rose

Advanced Tarot Spreads is comprehensive, yet easy to read and implement the wisdom from these Tarot spreads. It is available on and from all good bookstores worldwide. It comes in ebook form as well, and you can also download it to your phone for reading in multiple formats. I hope you enjoy my new book, Advanced Tarot Spreads: 22 Deep Card Layouts for Experienced Readers (with Bonus Dimensional Split Spread and Meditation).

If you are a Tarot practitioner, you'll love this book! ~ Rachel Zoe

These advanced spreads pushed my capabilities as a Tarot Card reader. ~ Karen Baker

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