A Time of Change - Explaining The Levels

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A Time of Change by Aingeal Rose
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In Aingeal Rose’s new book, A Time of Change, she asks Source questions through the Akashic Records on a wide variety of topics. Since the questions participants asked are wide and varied, the answers cover levels ranging from the strictly mundane (or 3D perspective) to the deeply spiritual. Amazingly, there are core themes that run through each topic:

~ There is a Higher Plan in Creation

~ We are part of the carrying forward and success of this Plan

~ Each of us shapes our souls and contributes to the Whole

Below is an excerpt from A Time of Change entitled, “Explaining The Levels”.

Throughout this discourse, you will hear talk about the negative agenda (NA) plan vs. the Plan of God Source. This is to show the contrast between them and to discern the myriad of influences present in our world. This contrast leads us to the realization that these polarities exist within us as our ‘split mind’, which influences our brain-body composition. Since our outer world reflects our inner world, the decisions we make determine which ‘plan’ we are energizing. That we experience continual conflict with these aspects of ourselves is obvious.

Source has made it very clear throughout these transcripts that its intention for all Creation is joy, freedom and the extension of love. Therefore, correction at the level of the split-mind is necessary to manifest Source’s intention in this world.

In response to some questions you will hear Source say It has no opinion and yet, in response to other questions, Source will appear to have a strong opinion. This occurs when Source desires to get a message across to us of some importance that we can only grasp at our own level of understanding.

What may appear as a contradiction is really a deliberate attempt by Source to make a point at the level of comprehension of the one asking the question. In these cases, it is important to keep in mind the levels that are being addressed in response to specific questions.

To help us, Source has clarified terms such as Spirit, Individuated Spirit, Soul, Mind, Brain and Body in these ways:

Spirit—the essence from which all life is created, which is perfect in its composition or ‘order’, but not perfect in its individuation into the diversity of life forms. This imperfection is likely the result of the splitting off into various life forms, each having its own vibration. However, each life form is on its own evolutionary journey back to God realization or ‘Home’.

Individuated Spirit—the thinker, the decider, the observer. Because it is individuated, it has experiences and can perceive itself to be a separate self that can be injured and traumatized. This affects how it sees and thinks of itself for good or ill. This self concept or ‘small ego’ is at the level of the individuated spirit.

Soul—the accumulation or record of an individuated spirit’s journeys and evolutionary progress. The soul reflects the successes, victories or digressions of the individual. One can gain or lose soul energy by its victories or setback’s through its lifetimes.

Mind—the substance or ‘plasma’ which is the formative agent in the Universe. This is the level where ideas and concepts are converted into expressions that appear in what we perceive as outer reality.

Brain—the energetic interface between the mind and body. It is a transmitter and receiver of information. The brain relays messages to the body from the mind-field of the individuated spirit’s concepts of itself.

An individual's self-concepts form into programs in the mind-field (we sometimes found ourselves saying minefield!), which are relayed to the brain interface. The brain interface then transmits these to the body system, which translates them into chemicals, hormones and cellular compositions.

Body—the body is the matter expression of the individuated spirit and serves as a vehicle in this dimension for the purpose of experiencing, learning, expressing and affecting the quality of life in this density.

In understanding the cascade effect of this process, true and permanent healing can only occur from the level of the perceptions, beliefs, choices and conclusions the individuated spirit makes about itself and reality. The willingness to have the higher mind of God Source assist in the repair and correction of distortions in identity and perception is key to the success and evolution of the individual. Repairs at this level would naturally express its effects through all lower subsequent levels of soul, mind, brain and body.

I cover these subjects in greater detail in Book 2 of the Answers From The Akashic Records series, The Nature of Reality, but they are necessary for our understanding to introduce them here.

A Time of Change by Aingeal Rose is available in print and eBook formats
A Time of Change by Aingeal Rose is available in print and all eBook formats

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