Writing Down Your Feelings (2 of 2)

Publishing Books 1 min read , April 24, 2021

People ask Aingeal Rose & I deep questions about how best we can help them with staying focused through writing. Many also complain of feeling depressed, feeling attacked, feeling unsure, and uncertain, but we believe these are all connected because we’ve experienced them. We must stay focused on our mission. We must help people through this time of change. It’s a troublesome time for everybody.

Let me share with you one way we overcame it. With all the social media channels, it's challenging to get anything done. For us, there're options to use podcasts, YouTube videos, Facetime Live and Facebook. But all these ways to reach people demand time, attention, and resources. Using any of these channels can confuse and lead to a lack of focus. But with writing, it makes it easier.

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Writing, or journaling, helps you stay on one track, on one clear mission. You can use several ways to achieve that, but always stay close to your own core values and your own core mission. Keep a journal and write your feelings because it may become a book that helps you and others through the same difficulties. Then you could take that single journaling exercise and multi-purpose it.

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We’ve been repurposing our writing material for several years. We take the same content and turn it into a podcast. We turn that into a YouTube video. Then we transcribe it and it becomes a chapter in our new book. This is staying focused while repurposing our core writing material.

Don’t go off in multiple directions. Lack of focus can split your energy and cause distraction and dissatisfaction and then depression. So, stay clearly focused on your big mission, and let that be the guiding force in everything you do. I hope this will be a help to you in your writing.

Love from myself, Ahonu and from Aingeal Rose.

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P.S. This article is the perfect example of multi-purposing as described above. Follow the links below for the Podcast and YouTube versions.

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